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Download Pinterest video, Image, Gif online and Pinterest Story Downloader

Pinterest Video downloader Tool

Pinterest Video Downloader

SaveRoid is a free Pinterest video downloader online tool. You can also download Pinterest Images, Gif and Pinterest Story directly to your computer, tablet or mobile by using SaveRoid. You can save video in high-definition in mp4 and high-definition in jpeg or png, Also SaveRoid Pinterest Video Downloader is fast and secure.

As We Know Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It’s a larger and more diverse platform than other social media channels, as users can follow anyone they want to and not just people they already know.

How to download Pinterest Videos, Images, Gif and Pinterest Story

SaveRoid is easy-to-use for Everyone. You can easily download videos from Pinterest Video Downloader Tool without any limitations. Also, you do not to need to pay any charges. This tool is completely free. Follow the simple steps below to download Pinterest videos online.

  • Open Pinterest App and select the video or image or gif which you want to download.
  • Tap on ••• icon at the top right corner of the Pinterest app if you are using the latest version of the Pinterest app then Tap on ••• icon at the bottom right corner of the app. After taping ••• icon then tap on the copy link.
  • Paste the video Url in the Input Box, and Tap on Download button.
  • After that the video or image will load, below this you will see Download Button.
  • Click on Download button and wait for download!!
  • Voila 🎉... Download Done!!

Repin In Pinterest

Let's say you like someone, but that's not enough to add them to your own boards. This is where the like button comes into play. To add a pin to your account, click "Repin" and follow the same steps as when adding a pin. Move the mouse over the image to Pinterest and three buttons appear: repin, like and comment.

Board Name In Pinterest

Give your board a descriptive name, so your followers know what kind of pins they will find on your board. Select this option to create a board similar to the other two options on the next page. If the category option is set to "All" on Pinterest, select "Close" to select other placeholders.

Make sure you are using a high quality file. Test whether it works and make sure it matches the contents of the pins. Click Publish and select the board you want to add it to. You can crop, edit or add logos and text in the editor.

The next time you select Save Image, Pinterest gives you the option to either save the image on your current board or create a new board. Select Save this time to return to your home feed. Once you have selected Save, you will be prompted to create the board.

Pinterest For Business

Find out how to use Pinterest for business. Pinterest is much more than just a social network. It is also a visual search engine and a productivity tool. Like other social networks, Pinterest is a place to connect with friends and influencers.

If you're a US-based brand that doesn't have a large audience, use Pinterest to store content and product ideas. Over 50% of Pinterest users live outside the US, which means you have the chance to reach a wider international audience with Pinterest.

Many users tend to limit themselves to what they use Pinterest for: wishlist, tutorials, gift ideas, or a combination of them all. With a few tweaks, you can get a lot more mileage out of your Pinterest boards. Using Pinterest in this way is not common place, but you will deserve the attention of all visitors who happen to check out your board.

FAQ About Pinterest Downloader Tools

  • Does is Paid?

    No!! isn’t SaveRoid is free for forever. User Satisfaction is our goal

  • Is SaveRoid safe for my device?

    Yes!! SaveRoid is completely safe to download No virus, No malware.

  • Does SaveRoid track a user's downloaded video?

    No, SaveRoid does not store downloaded videos. All videos are hosted on Pinterest servers and we do not store the download history of viewers. Everyone can use this tool anonymously. This Tool is 100% safe for viewers. Also read Privacy Policy

  • How to use the SaveRoid on Android?

    There are three steps to download videos from Pinterest on Android. The first step is to visit on your android web browser. The second step is to paste your copied URL in the downloader input and the third step is to click on the download button. After following these steps your Pinterest video is ready for download.

  • How to download Pinterest videos on Mac OS?

    Pinterest Video Downloader lets you save Pinterest videos to your computer, tablet or mobile phone without registration or software.
    Follow This Step:

    • Copy the Url of the Pinterest videos that you want to save or download in your mac os.
    • Paste the Url of the video into the Link input box.
    • Click the "Download" button to begin the download process.
    • When the process is completed, your video will be ready for download. Click on the download button to Download Pinterest Video.
  • Where is the video or image located after download?

    When you download videos or images, they are usually saved in Default folder selected by your browser. If you cannot find the downloaded videos then follow the instructions given below.

    • If you are using Windows, then press Ctrl + J on the keyboard to see the download history.
    • If you are using Mac, then press Cmd + Shift + J on the keyboard to see the download history.
    • If you're using a smartphone, check your browser's default download path.